All photography provided by Heather Zinger

Fargo Startup House was founded to cultivate and support tech focused entrepreneurs in Fargo-Moorhead.


Our Mission

Our goal is to reduce the barriers to entry for startups getting started in our region.  More than anything else, startups need each other in order to succeed.  We believe there ia powerful impact in allowing startups to live in close proximity to each other, share in challenges and success, pool knowledge and expertise, and live with a common purpose.

Startups also need the support of their community.  By providing our tenants with free rent and utilities, we reduce the economic challenges often associated with startups.  By connecting our tenants with mentors, service providers, and business connections both regionally and nationally, we put them on the path to success.


  • Free rent and utilities, with each entrepreneur having a private bedroom.
  • Artist designed interiors and common furniture for maximum inspiration.
  • Gigabit speed, fiber-optic Internet services.
  • Access to our mentorship team of seasoned business leaders.
  • Pro bono services including legal, accounting, and technical consulting.